About Leaf Falls

Big changes for little Leif
Leif loves living high up in his tree. But when the other leaves start to fall, Leif is faced with a big decision. Does he stay alone in his familiar tree, or jump into the unknown with his friends?

Then Leif meets another leaf with a similar problem and together they help each other overcome their fear of change.

About the author

Hi! I'm Maddy!
Madeline Rivers is an artist, illustrator and children’s author. She has a deep admiration for the beauty of nature and often enjoys long walks through forest trails. Her art and illustrations reflect that passion, ranging from sweeping mountain landscapes to simple leaves and flowers. Her other great passion is books. Growing up she spent much of her free time reading at the library.

When her daughter was born, Madeline brought her passions together and began writing a simple story about a little leaf in a tree. She had written and illustrated Leif Falls before her daughter’s first birthday.

Madeline currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and daughter. They all enjoy going to the library together.
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